After Getting A Tooth Extraction, Can I Get Same Day Dental Implants In Mission Viejo, CA?

When people have damaged teeth that are unsalvageable, they may go to get those teeth extracted by a trusted oral surgeon. But how can patients quickly replace their extracted teeth? After getting teeth extractions, patients should go get treated with same day dental implants in Mission Viejo, CA. With same day dental implants patients can get a whole new smile in one day, even after they have had teeth extractions.


Why Should I Replace My Extracted Teeth With Same Day Dental Implants In Mission Viejo, CA?

Dental implants are a great way to replace extracted or missing teeth, allowing patients to look and feel their best. In the world of modern dentistry, same day dental implants provide an even more convenient and efficient way for patients to replace their extracted teeth. By getting same day dental implants, patients can potentially receive their new teeth in as little as one day.

The cool thing about same day dental implants, is that they can provide patients with improved oral function, biting, and speaking abilities. It can even improve a patient’s self-confidence.

How Can Same Day Dental Implants Be Placed After Teeth Extractions?

Once the necessary teeth are extracted, the same day dental implant placement process can begin on the same day. The oral surgeon will surgically place the patient’s dental implants in their mouth accurately with the help of advanced technologies. After the dental implants are securely in place, the temporary prosthesis can be placed by a trusted restorative dentist, giving patients the new smile that they need and deserve in just one appointment.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Same Day Dental Implants?

There are several benefits to people using same day dental implants to replace their extracted teeth. The benefits of getting treated with same day dental implants include:

  • Elimination of tooth pain
  • Prevention of the spread of infection
  • Protection of surrounding teeth
  • Preservation of jawbone health
  • Reduction of treatment time
  • Restoration of immediate function

These same day dental implant benefits can be experienced when patients specifically go to a skilled and knowledgeable oral surgeon. Oral surgeons can give patients successful same day dental implant procedures because they have the knowledge, experience, and resources to do so. Through this innovative and streamlined same day dental implant procedure process, patients can expect an amazing new and healthy smile!


Come To Us So You Can Get Treated With Same Day Dental Implants

Are you ready for a brand-new smile with same day dental implants? You have come to the right place. Our exceptional team can give you the smile of your dreams with this restorative procedure. Get in contact with Dr. Michael K. Clark and our talented team at our Foothill Oral Surgery Center office to schedule an appointment today!

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