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Thousands of Extractions and Counting

Infected, damaged, or impacted teeth can make eating, speaking, and sleeping unbearable. As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, our practice founder, Dr. Michael K. Clark is experienced in providing the relief patients need with gentle tooth extractions in Mission Viejo, CA. Achieving the highest level of specialized training from internationally recognized oral surgeons, he has used this training to complete thousands of tooth extractions.

If you have a unique health situation or your treatment is potentially more complex, as an oral surgeon he also has the advanced surgical and medical expertise to provide more personalized treatment. In order to ensure each patient’s unique level of comfort, Dr. Clark has also received extensive training to offer a complete menu of anesthesia services at our office and also is on the State Dental Board General Anesthesia Examiner Panel. Extracting an unsalvageable tooth may not be your first choice but when choosing a surgeon to perform your treatment, choose one with the expertise, experience, and technology that guarantees your complete comfort.

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Same-Day Tooth Replacement

A tooth that is too decayed or damaged to salvage often means that an extraction is necessary to preserve the health of your mouth. When removing a tooth, it is important to consider what will be done with the empty space after that tooth is extracted. While doing nothing is certainly an option, your jawbone will degenerate and cause your teeth to shift, creating problems in your bite that affect your ability to speak and chew. If this happens, extensive and perhaps costly bone grafting may be needed to rebuild the jaw back to its original shape.

Thankfully, you can potentially avoid all these issues by choosing same-day solutions at Foothill Oral Surgery Center. Dr. Clark has decades of experience extracting problematic teeth and offering same-day tooth replacement with dental implants. Undergoing this streamlined process means you can have a problem tooth removed and replaced with a permanent dental implant during the same surgery, avoiding oral health issues and costly bone grafting later.

Benefiting from Same-Day Treatment

Our Innovative Treatment Process

If you’re in a situation where tooth extraction is necessary, we can most likely provide you with a new dental implant the same day. Using innovative techniques that maximize available bone and soft tissue, Dr. Clark can extract your problem tooth, place a dental implant, and, with the help of a restorative dentist, secure a temporary crown in a single day. Instead of enduring a gapped smile or months-long treatment, you can have a complete, healthy smile restored immediately with greater predictability for long-lasting function and natural aesthetics!

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