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In today’s economy making the right decisions regarding finances remains of foremost importance. Making the right decisions with regards to your health and well-being should never be compromised, but the reality is, that finances often dictate how patients are able to care for themselves. All of us at Foothill Oral Surgery Center are sensitive to the balance that must come between patient finances and patient treatment. We want what is best for our patients, which is why we will submit all insurance forms on your behalf and offer multiple forms of payment, discounts, and incentives for paying in full, payment plans, and dental financing in Mission Viejo, CA. If you’re concerned about how you’ll pay for your treatment, schedule an appointment with our office regarding financial matters. We are here to offer personalized solutions and ensure that every patient gets the treatment they deserve.

How Patients Pay for Treatment

Benefiting from Third-Party Financing

For patients who need more extensive procedures and require financial assistance to make their treatment affordable, we offer third-party dental financing through CareCredit and Proceed Finance. Dental financing is also beneficial for patients without insurance and those who are receiving elective dental procedures, such as dental implants.


CareCredit is similar to a traditional credit card, but specifically for healthcare costs. Eligible patients can choose between shorter-term loans ranging between six and 60 months, with fixed interest rates and personalized monthly payment options. For short loan terms, interest fees are waived if the loan is repaid within the select number of months. Longer-term loans provide fixed monthly payments with reduced interest rates.

Proceed Finance

Finance provides long-term loans with no collateral for patients needing such treatments as full mouth dental implants. With long terms up to 96 months, Proceed Finance provides fixed interest rates and no prepayment penalties. This financing company also approves loans for patients with low credit scores and doesn’t require a down payment.

Concerned about finances?

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