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A Permanent Solution for Tooth Loss

If you have lost a couple of teeth or need one or more extracted, you have multiple options for replacing them. While you may be only considering a partial denture or dental bridge, we have a more permanent and healthier solution for you—dental implants. Unlike dentures and bridges, a dental implant provides the stability to restore your ability to eat any food and look completely natural. A permanent dental implant, or a dental implant bridge for multiple missing teeth, will make it feel as though you never had lost a real tooth or teeth in the first place! At Foothill Oral Surgery Center, our experienced oral surgeon and skilled team place your dental implant in Mission Viejo, CA using innovative technology and relaxing anesthesia, all within a single location to ensure a comfortable treatment and predictably long-lasting results.

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Consider All Your Options

The most traditional way to replace one or more missing teeth is with partial dentures, which rely on natural suction and adhesives to remain in place. With only a 10 percent return to original biting and chewing function, many patients only consider this solution for its convenience and aesthetic benefits. Another option is dental bridges but depending on where you’ve lost teeth, this may not work for you. Bridges require adjacent teeth to be healthy so the enamel can be shaved down to support the restoration. They will provide greater support than removable dentures, however.

A more permanent and healthy solution for a single missing tooth is a dental implant. Secured directly into your jawbone like real teeth, dental implants provide long-term security for eating and talking. Dental implants or dental implant bridges are the healthiest options for your gum tissues and bone with over 99 percent restored function for biting and chewing, and also provide the most life-like solution for a naturally beautiful smile!

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Comprehensive Care from a Surgical Expert

Our oral surgeon, Dr. Michael K. Clark, has decades of specialized experience in dental implants for single, multiple, and full mouths of missing teeth. Having trained as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon with internationally renowned doctors and Implantologists, he has received extensive experience in oral surgeries during his clinical education and since opening his practice in 1998. His expertise encompasses all aspects of your care, including bone grafting with advanced healing techniques, tooth extractions, and anesthesia. Additionally, he leverages such advanced technologies as panoramic imaging and guided implant surgery to ensure your procedure is successful and provides predictable and permanent outcomes. More than offering expert surgical care, Dr. Clark and his team also prioritize patient comfort and safety, making your treatment a personalized and pleasant experience.

A Restored Smile in Three Phases

Phase One: Consultation & Personalized Treatment Plan
Your dental implants treatment begins with a personalized consultation with our team. At this appointment, we’ll cover what you can expect with your dental implant treatment as well as answer any questions you may have. Many patients already qualify for dental implants but if you don’t, we offer preliminary treatments to ensure you do. We’ve actually been able to successfully provide implants to many patients who have been turned away by others.

During this phase, we’ll also take panoramic images of your mouth, incredibly precise 3D scans that we use to precisely plan your surgery and create your surgical guide. This custom treatment plan is based specifically on your oral health needs and the goals you have for your new smile. We’ll also be able to determine your dental implant cost and help you find the best way to pay for your treatment, including dental financing . The final part of this phase is preparing you for the day of your surgery. We’ll provide all pre-operative instructions at this time.
Phase Two: Guided Dental Implant Placement
Most of our patients qualify for same-day treatment, meaning we can complete any preliminary treatments, like tooth extractions or bone grafting, during the same appointment as dental implant placement. We’ll first ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed with a custom level of sedation or anesthesia. Next, we’ll place the surgical guide over your teeth and gums. This guide was fabricated based on the surgical plan that Dr. Clark created for your specific case. It’ll help guide the dental implant(s) into the most precise angle and depth in your jawbone to ensure lasting support for your new teeth.

With such an efficient process, your placement surgery takes significantly less time, with much more accurate results. If your dental implant achieves the proper primary stability in your jawbone, we’ll attach a permanent dental crown or dental bridge so you can enjoy functional and aesthetic benefits as you heal from surgery!
Phase Three: Healing & Final Restoration
Healing takes between 3-6 months after your surgery. During this phase, your natural bone and the dental implant post are fusing. Mimicking the natural structure of tooth roots, dental implants provide a permanent base for your final restoration. With the completion of your healing phase, you’ll have impressions taken of your mouth that will be used to design your finals. We work closely with your restorative dentist, completing the circle of treatment, to ensure your final dental crown or bridge is hand-crafted to look completely natural and fit seamlessly within your remaining teeth. These teeth will be made from materials that imitate the color and translucency of natural teeth while providing a similar level of strength and durability. Once attached to your dental implant, it will provide amazing function and look beautiful, with the potential to last the rest of your life!

Making Life-Changing Treatment Affordable

We understand that dental implant treatment has a higher initial cost than other solutions for replacing missing teeth. Don’t let this hinder you from realizing the incredible long-term benefits that dental implants provide. As the closest thing to real teeth, dental implants make it possible to eat an unhindered diet of your favorite foods and enjoy the natural aesthetics that come from a life-like dental crown or bridge once again. With natural function and aesthetics restored, you’ll feel a boost in your self-confidence and overall quality of life!

To help you afford this life-changing treatment, we offer multiple ways to pay, including in-office payment plans, insurance, and third-party dental financing through CareCredit® and Proceed Finance. These financing companies offer personalized plans with competitive interest rates and low monthly payment options to fit any budget. Our team is experienced in handling the financial aspects of your care and is here to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have. Rest assured, we will help make dental implant treatment and a restored quality of life possible for you!

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