After Having A Wisdom Tooth Removal, Can Complications Occur?

digital model of an impacted wisdom tooth in a jawline.

Dealing with impacted wisdom teeth can be a very painful experience. When people have wisdom tooth removals, it can alleviate the symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth. While most wisdom tooth removals are successfully performed, sometimes complications can occur after the surgery has been completed. Here are the complications that can occur after people have their wisdom tooth removals in Mission Viejo, CA.


What Are The Complications That Can Occur After Wisdom Tooth Removals?

After having wisdom tooth removals in Mission Viejo, CA, the following complications may occur:

Dry Socket Or Exposure Of The Bone:

Dry socket or exposure of the bone occurs when a blood clot that should form over the socket where the tooth was removed either becomes dislodged or is dissolved. This fully exposes the area of bone where the extraction occurred. Anything from air, to food or beverages can severely irritate the area, resulting in pain and discomfort.


An infection can occur in the socket, where the wisdom tooth was removed, due to trapped food causing harmful bacteria to form in the space of the extraction. This can even result in gum disease that can affect surrounding teeth and result in more tooth loss if it is left untreated.


Damage to nearby teeth, nerves, jawbones, or sinuses can occur after wisdom teeth are removed.


How Can I Avoid Wisdom Tooth Removal Complications?

In order to avoid any complications after the advanced surgical procedure, highly precise and accurate wisdom tooth removals in [city], [state] are necessary. After the wisdom teeth are removed, at home care instructions are also given so complications are less likely to occur.


Come To Our Office For Your Wisdom Tooth Removal

Are you ready to get your problematic wisdom teeth removed? When you come to our caring and knowledgeable office, we can expertly remove your wisdom teeth and help you avoid complications from occurring after the surgery.

Don’t wait to get your problematic wisdom teeth removed. Get in contact with our doctor, Dr. Michael K. Clark at our Foothill Oral Surgery Center office to schedule an appointment today!

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