Can I Get Exceptional Dental Procedures By Going To An Oral Surgeon In Mission Viejo, CA?

an oral surgeon performing a dental procedure surgery.

No matter what type of dental procedure patients get, they will want to get treated with the utmost care and expertise. Patients can get exceptional dental procedures when they go to get treated by an oral surgeon in Mission Viejo, CA.

By going to an oral surgeon, patients can get skillfully treated with dental implant procedures, bone grafting, and wisdom tooth removals. The advanced oral surgeon will also make sure patients have an anxiety-free procedure experience with sedation dentistry. Continue reading to learn how patients can get treated with excellent dental procedures by going to an oral surgeon.


Why Is An Oral Surgeon In Mission Viejo, CA Able To Give Me Exceptional Dental Procedures?

An oral surgeon is able to give patients exceptional dental procedures because they have the advanced training and knowledge to do so. The patient’s oral structures will be thoroughly evaluated by an oral surgeon in order to determine which type of procedure will best be able to restore their smile. The following are the main reasons why an oral surgeon will be able to treat patients with excellent dental procedures:

  • Prioritizes dental health, safety, and infection control
  • Has a germ-free facility that follows OSHA guidelines
  • Full anesthesia, including general anesthesia
  • Has decades of experience
  • Works with trained and skilled surgical assistants
  • Has a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach


How Does An Oral Surgeon Perform Exceptional Dental Procedures?

When people go to an oral surgeon for their dental procedures, the oral surgeon will give them an individualized consultation where they will assess the patients gum health, jawbone volume, systemic or overall health, and even their physical health, in order to determine which type of procedure will best be able to improve the look, function, and health of their smile.

The consultation is a very important step to a patient’s dental implant procedure because the presence of any underlying conditions, such as diabetes, or immune system disorders, may impact the patient’s ability to heal following their surgery. These dental problems can also increase the risk of the patient developing an infection following their procedure.

The oral surgeon, however, will be able to adjust the patient’s dental treatment plan in order to ensure their procedure experience and outcomes are safe and long-lasting. The oral surgeon will tell the patient how keeping up with good oral hygiene and healthy lifestyle choices, including quitting smoking, can give patients successful and predictable procedure outcomes.

An oral surgeon will also use state-of-the-art technology to make sure the patient’s dental procedures are performed with expert precision and accuracy. A patient’s new smile is customized from the start of their visit with quality technologies, including digital imaging using panoramic X-rays to capture a 360-degree view of the unique dental anatomy of patients’ smiles.


See Our Oral Surgeon Now For An Exceptional Dental Procedure Experience

Our highly trained and skilled oral surgeon has extensive experience in expertly restoring smiles with proven procedures. Don’t hesitate to improve the look and function of your smile with us. Get in contact with Dr. Michael K. Clark and our amazing team at our Foothill Oral Surgery Center office to schedule an appointment today!

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