Do You Need Oral Surgery In Mission Viejo, CA?

an oral surgeon performing a dental procedure

Not every dental issue can be solved by a general dentist. Sometimes, patient cases and situations are best served with the help of a specialist like an oral surgeon. Yet how can you know if oral surgery in Mission Viejo, CA, is the right choice for you?

Understanding the many types of treatments offered by oral surgeons will guide your healthcare decisions. Below are some of the top services provided by leading-edge, innovative oral surgeons.


Dental Implant Placement

Dental implants have earned a reputation for being an efficient, effective, and attractive way to replace one or more natural teeth. Oral surgeons undergo extra medical training to increase their knowledge of how to place dental implants, even under complex circumstances.

For instance, you may have many gaps in your smile. Or you may be missing a full arch of teeth. A compassionate, experienced oral surgeon can lay out your options. The oral surgeon also can provide solutions to resolve other issues before you receive your dental implants, such as performing a bone graft to boost your bone strength.


Wisdom Tooth Extraction

One of the most common reasons that patients between ages 15 and 25 require the assistance of oral surgery in Mission Viejo, CA, is for wisdom tooth removal. The wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt in the mouth. Unfortunately, many people’s mouths do not have room for wisdom teeth. As a result, the teeth become impacted and may lead to serious pain, swelling, and infection.

Oral surgeons are educated on how to safely and predictably remove wisdom teeth. This allows patients to recover rapidly and move on with their lives without worrying about tooth crowding or discomfort.


Other Tooth Extractions

The wisdom teeth aren’t the only ones that may require extraction. Other teeth may need to be extracted, too. For example, some patients who receive dental implants need to have failing teeth removed first. Other patients may need tooth extraction services prior to orthodontic treatment.

Again, oral surgeons are well-credentialed and ready to understand the intricacies of all types of tooth extraction cases. Their expertise enables them to carefully plan everything from the right type of anesthesia to ways to replace the teeth once they’ve been removed.


Which Mission Viejo, CA, Oral Surgery Practice Is Right for Your Needs?

You should feel comfortable with all your healthcare providers, including your oral surgeon. Some top ways to choose an oral surgeon include:

  • Look for an oral surgeon who has been in practice for years. At Foothill Oral Surgery Center, oral surgeon Dr. Michael K. Clark has been helping patients for more than 20 years. This allows him to bring an advanced, confident perspective to each patient case.
  • Seek out an oral surgery center that has what you need. All oral surgery practices are different. Make sure to set up consultations with oral surgeons who perform what you need.
  • Review patient testimonials. It’s hard to overstate the impact of hearing about an oral surgeon’s advantages from actual patients. If available, look at testimonial videos and before-and-after images.

Ready to make an appointment with a compassionate, patient-centered oral surgeon in Mission Viejo, CA? Call Foothill Oral Surgery Center at (949) 635-4791 today.

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