How Can Bone Grafting Benefit Me In Mission Viejo, CA?

a dental implant xray of a jaw showing bone grafting.

Before their dental implants can be placed, patients may need bone grafting in Mission Viejo, CA. When people have missing teeth for a while, they may lose some of their jawbone mass and strength. The bone grafting procedure can fully restore a patient’s jawbone and provide a stable base in order for them to have a successful dental implant treatment. Here is how a bone grafting treatment can benefit patients.

What Is Bone Grafting In Mission Viejo, CA?

For those who are considering getting treated with dental implants but need to have a bone grafting procedure first, here is what they need to know about this restorative treatment. When people have had missing teeth for a while, their jawbone may have begun to decay.

Tooth roots provide just as much support to a person’s teeth as their jawbone does. When a person’s tooth roots are not stimulating their jawbone, because they are not there, the jawbone loses strength and density. This can lead to many other issues like other teeth moving around or falling out.

A bone grafting procedure can fully restore the unhealthy jawbone area, proving the patient with a healthy base for a dental implant treatment. Bone grafting takes healthy bone from another location of the patient’s body or it places synthetic bone in the area of the jawbone loss in order to restore strength, health, and stability to the area.

Do I Need To Get Dental Implants After Bone Grafting In Mission Viejo, CA?

Not getting dental implants after a bone grafting procedure is not entirely useful. The dental implant treatment, specifically the dental implant post, is placed into the jawbone to stimulate it into good health and strength.

By opting not to have dental implants placed, patients risk losing jawbone strength, mass, and health. This can negatively affect a patient’s overall health as well. Getting dental implants help keep the patients jawbone healthy after their bone grafting procedure.

Where Can I Get A Bone Graft In Mission Viejo, California?

If you are looking for the best oral surgeon to perform your bone grafting treatment before your dental implants are placed, consider going to Dr. Michael K Clark. Dr. Clark is a board-certified oral surgeon who can give patients successful bone grafting and dental implant post placements. Patients can then go to a trusted dentist to get their prosthetic placed.

Ready to start your journey towards a new, strong, and stable smile? You have come to the right place. Get in contact with Dr. Michael K. Clark and our advanced team at our Foothill Oral Surgery Center office to schedule an appointment today! You can have a new and improved smile with us.

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