Is There Anything I Should Do After Having A Wisdom Tooth Removal?

3d model xray of a wisdom tooth causing pain.

When people experience pain, swelling, tenderness, or even redness in the gum tissue surrounding their wisdom teeth, then they may be dealing with impacted wisdom teeth. A wisdom tooth removal in Mission Viejo, California will need to be performed in order to relieve the patient of the symptoms associated with impacted wisdom teeth.

Once the impacted wisdom teeth are removed, there are a few things patients can do so they have the best procedure outcomes. Continue reading to learn more about what patients should do after having a wisdom tooth removal.

What I Should Do After Having A Wisdom Tooth Removal In Mission Viejo, California

Although the goal in dentistry is to save each natural tooth, at times, it is necessary to remove teeth to avoid or treat infection, pain, discomfort, and gum tissue inflammation. Wisdom teeth are commonly removed when they become impacted or crowded. Following the wisdom tooth removal, blood clots will naturally form in the empty tooth sockets.

Patients will need to be told not to dislodge the blood clots because they are part of the healing process. In the 24 hours after wisdom teeth are removed, patients should also not rinse their mouth out with liquid, drink alcohol and smoke, drink hot liquids, or perform any strenuous physical activities. As long as patients don’t do these things after having a wisdom tooth removal, they will have a good healing experience.

Come To Our Office For Your State-Of-The-Art Wisdom Tooth Removal Experience

Following your wisdom tooth removal in Mission Viejo, California, you will need to make sure you take care of your empty tooth sockets so that no other problems arise. A skilled and trusted office will make sure you know what to do following your wisdom tooth removal procedure.

Why wait to improve your smile with us? Get in contact with our doctors, Dr. Clark and our exceptional team at our office to schedule an appointment today!

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