The Benefits Of Single And Multiple Dental Implants

Dr. Clark sitting across from his patient, talking to her about how her smile can benefit from single and multiple dental implants.

Dental implants in Mission Viejo, CA are a gold standard tooth replacement option. There are numerous reasons why single and multiple dental implants benefit people’s smiles. Whether people get treated with single or multiple tooth implants, this restorative tooth replacement option is trusted and gives predictable results. 

Interested in learning more about how single dental implants and multiple dental implants benefit patient’s smiles? Here is more information on how single dental implants and multiple dental implants can benefit patient’s smiles. 


What Are The Benefits Of Single Dental Implants?

All dental implant options, even single dental implants, act as a permanent tooth replacement option. Single dental implants are a great way to replace a single missing tooth in one or more places in the patient’s jawbone.

The dental implant post, in a single dental implant, acts like a natural tooth root. It does this by stimulating the patients jawbone so that it is strong, and it becomes a permanent part of their smile. This means that, with single dental implants, patients won’t lose jawbone density or volume.

A single dental implant has a tooth crown that gives patients a beautiful looking new smile that looks natural. By getting treated with a single dental implant, patients get restored dental functionality, beauty, and jawbone health. 

What Are The Benefits Of Multiple Dental Implants?

The benefits of multiple dental implants are like single dental implants, except more than one dental implant is used to restore the look, function, and health of the patients smile. During a multiple dental implant procedure process, the oral surgeon strategically places each dental implant post in the patients mouth so they get the predictable and reliable results they need and deserve for their new smile. 

How Can I Determine My Candidacy For Dental Implants In Mission Viejo, CA?

The best candidates for dental implants include those who have one or more missing teeth, have enough jawbone volume and density to fully support dental implants, and those who are in good overall health and have no chronic conditions, such as periodontal disease. When people are not immediate candidates for dental implants, then they can have bone grafting and tooth extraction procedures in order to become one. 

What Does The Procedure Process Look Like For Dental Implants In Mission Viejo, CA?

Because every person’s smile is unique, they can get treated with a personalized dental implant procedure. During the consultation, the oral surgeon will look at the patient’s dental history and plan out their dental implant procedure process. The oral surgeon will also check to see if the patient needs any additional procedures, like bone grafting and tooth extractions. 

The oral surgeon will then be able to accurately and securely place each of the needed dental implants in the patient’s jawbone. The patient can then wear a functional and aesthetically pleasing temporary prosthesis until the final prosthesis (crown) is ready to be attached.  

Why Should I Upgrade My Smile From Traditional Dentures To Dental Implants? 

When people have traditional dentures, they will want to upgrade their smile to restorative dental implants. This is because traditional dentures only sit on the patients gum lines, becoming loose over time because the jawbone is no longer getting stimulated by tooth roots. Loose traditional dentures can slip around in the patients mouth and cause them discomfort.  

This can become a huge inconvenience to the traditional denture patient and can even cause them embarrassment when they try to speak or eat their favorite foods. That is why traditional denture wearers will want to upgrade their smile to dental implants. Dental implants give patients a permanent, secure, and stable new smile that will last them for years to come with proper care and maintenance. 

The dental implant posts act like natural tooth roots, stimulating the patients jawbone so that it does not lose density or volume. This is why people want to upgrade their smile from traditional dentures to dental implants. 


See Us Now So We Can Restore Your Smile With Single Dental Implants And Multiple Dental Implants   

Are you ready to improve your smile with us? We use the latest techniques and technologies so we can give you the smile of your dreams. Whether you have one missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, our restorative tooth replacement options can give you a long-lasting new smile. 

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