Should I Get Dental Implants After A Bone Grafting Procedure?

a bone grafting procedure digital model.

  Dental implants are a popular treatment option for those who are missing teeth or are experiencing damaged or broken teeth that need repair. Dental implants are most successful when they are placed on a sturdy and solid jawbone foundation. After a bone grafting procedure has been successfully performed, there are various reasons why patients […]

How Can Bone Grafting Benefit Me In Mission Viejo, CA?

a dental implant xray of a jaw showing bone grafting.

Before their dental implants can be placed, patients may need bone grafting in Mission Viejo, CA. When people have missing teeth for a while, they may lose some of their jawbone mass and strength. The bone grafting procedure can fully restore a patient’s jawbone and provide a stable base in order for them to have […]