Can I Have A Painless And Anxiety-Free Wisdom Tooth Removal?

a dental patient ready for wisdom tooth extraction.

Patients can have a painless and anxiety free wisdom tooth removal in Mission Viejo, CA when they are given sedation dentistry and are treated with the latest techniques. When wisdom teeth are precisely and accurately removed, patients have positive procedure outcomes. Continue reading to learn more about how patients can have a painless and anxiety-free […]

After Getting A Tooth Extraction, Can I Get Same Day Dental Implants In Mission Viejo, CA?

When people have damaged teeth that are unsalvageable, they may go to get those teeth extracted by a trusted oral surgeon. But how can patients quickly replace their extracted teeth? After getting teeth extractions, patients should go get treated with same day dental implants in Mission Viejo, CA. With same day dental implants patients can […]

What Is Involved In Wisdom Tooth Removals In Mission Viejo, CA?

a dental patient in pain from wisdom teeth needing extraction

Wisdom teeth can be such a pain. Literally, they can cause tons of pain in the mouth because they’re pushing into your other teeth. This pushing can cause your other teeth to go out of alignment, damage them, and even cause decay if not treated early enough on.  So how does someone go about getting […]